Can my Mockmill do almond flour?

The mockmill is not ideal for grinding nuts. A stone mill like the Mockmill works on the principle of friction in a very fine space between the two stones. That friction is necessary for the mill to pull in material to mill. When you grind something oily, like nuts, a fatty film forms on the surface of the stones and practically eliminates the needed friction. The mill stops taking in fresh material.

You can grind oily things if you put them together with something that is dry and hard, like wheat, like rice, like corn. So you can mill some seeds together with your wheat to include seed flour in your dough. Afterwards, mill some of the dry grain on its own to remove residues. (The same thing you do when milling spices...)

It does not work well for pure almond flour. It won't damage or destroy the Mockmill. You can even try chopping up some almonds to mill them, and see what happens. At a coarse setting, you may have some success. At the end, you'll have to open the mill, clean out the residue (about 2-3 minutes work) and then run a goodly amount of dry material (I suggest rice) through several times, at a very coarse and then less and less coarse setting. That will clean the mill out again.

You can probably get the quantity of almond flour you want in an easier, better way, either chopping it in a blender or by asking at your local pastry shop. 

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