What is the difference between the Mockmill 100 and the Mockmill 200?

The difference between the Mockmill 100 and the Mockmill 200 is the design of the stones and the corresponding power rating of the motors. The Mockmill 100 is meant to be the first fine stone mill that is affordable for every household. And its 100g/min capacity is just fine for that household application. The Mockmill 200 uses the exact same housing, and a stone of the same composition and dimensions. Its stone, however, is designed to pull in more grain with each turn, and so its output (nominally 200g/min) is twice that of the Mockmill 100. To do this job, it requires a stronger, heavier motor (600W vs 360W).

Although the milling rate of the Mockmill 200 is twice that of the Mockmill 100, its daily capacity cannot be considered to be higher. The reason: The mills heat up over time and then need a break to cool down completely. The more powerful motor of the Mockmill 200 generates respectively more heat than does that of the Mockmill 100. It will need a rest more quickly than will the Mockmill 100.

Still, we recommend the Mockmill 200 for restaurants and other production situations, simply because it keeps milling tasks brief. All who have purchased either model so far and have been in touch are very pleased with their decision. Go here for our full comparison.

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