What to do if my Mockmill stone glazes over?

If milling grains or foods that are too high in oil/fat content or too wet (high in moisture), the Mockmill stones will “glaze”.  You will know this is happening because flour will suddenly stop coming out while the stones are still turning (and the hopper is not empty).  If left running, your Mockmill will eventually stall.

Simple steps to resolve:

  1. Turn off the Mockmill immediately, if flour stops coming out prematurely
  2. Empty hopper, as described above
  3. Move setting to coarse
  4. Turn on your Mockmill to allow it to clean out a bit
  5. After the Milling chamber appears to have cleaned out, add a half cup of dry white rice to the hopper (with your Mockmill running).
  6. Let the rice run through it.
  7. While the mill is still running, adjust your Mockmill to its finest setting (stones touching with a slight “click”).
  8. Add another half cup of white rice and allow your Mockmill to mill it completely until the hopper is empty.

Your stones should now be back to their original condition (glaze removed).  If not, simply mill more rice on setting 4.

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